Quarantine period brings the Poet and the Rap Musician in Neeraj Madhav

The actor has written remarkable lines getting inspiration from nature. The actor sings that we can still see the Moon in the sky not leaving us alone until the sun shines for us in the east. The actor says it’s a sign of hope just reassuring that there is always light. Neerja himself has given voice to these poetical lines which he has given a rap touch.

Neeraj has shared this in his insta page.

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I want to share an experience with you. Hope you’ll read till the end. If anyone out there is feeling low, anxious or sleepless these days, I hope this might slightly help you. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep again, picked up my phone and watched random stuff on YouTube but that didn’t help me. Decided to write something, but nothing was happening. I was really feeling low, I was anxious, my mind was filled with unsettling thoughts. It was almost 5AM by then, I picked up my writing pad, pen & randomly headed to the terrace. The sun was about to rise, the moon hadn’t left yet. Birds were chirping, cold breezes hit me. It was pure bliss. I played a random beat and started writing something instantly & recorded it on my phone. And that’s what I’ve posted here. The birds chirping in the background are real, the unedited images I’ve added in the video were clicked at that very moment. Pardon my bad singing it wasn’t planned. But you can feel the happiness in my voice!This little piece I wrote, I’m calling it ‘Hope’, which is something the world needs right now. And to all those who read till the end, I really hope this brought a little smile on your face! #Hope

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